Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Purple Ellen Putters

I'm purpling.

My arm and ankle are turning dark, unhealthy colors, and my back hurts waaaay worse today than it did yesterday. Still hobbling around and at work now, with an icepack shoved down the back of my jeans. May have to go buy another icepack to keep at work; one may not cut it.

Ya know what I really, really, really like about greymatter? Search and replace through all entries. Cat's meow, baby. Just have to use it cautiously.

Ready to tackle more updating of entries, I think. I was startled to find a bunch of oversights... like the Fey collection isn't offered individually. I need to see if I even have the individual graphics. Downloading Woodworks fundraiser files now so I can set up those entries today, too. Some gorgeous submissions coming in.

And artists interested in joining Portrait Adoption, there's a little link at the very bottom of the entrance page, it's also in the FAQ (though links aren't underlined unless you hover over it). (And yeah, I SUCK at answering my comments, so this is what you get) It's not going to be as strictly weeded as the EMG retail section, just moderated for image quality (no lined paper, poor scans, 72 dpi files) and relevance (no nudity, fanart, landscapes, no 20 copies of the same basic piece, no stickmen). The major screening process is going to be an 'I-can-follow-instructions-and-have-a-modicum-of-motivation check,' ie: downloading, signing and mailing the appropriate paperwork. I *do* think everyone who asked and lots of you who didn't ask are plenty good enough, so go draw! I'd especially like to see color... color is eyecatching and will probably sell better than my boring monotone scribbly-sketches.

A shy welcome to those of you who are new to stalking watching me... you'll find most of my entries sort of random and rambly like this. I never mind being friended... it's flattering. :) Kind of puts me on the spot and makes me realize how singularly un-profound the vast majority of my entries are, but oh well.

Want to put together a care package for Marie. Wonder if I can send her flowers from here somehow... *goes to search*

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