December 31st, 2010

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Divination for the New Year

wyld_dandelyon is doing readings for the new year! One of the options is to get a reading from a unique divination system created for Torn World, as if were given to you by a Torn World character (this one, but much older!). If you're looking for guidance going into the new year, an answer to a question, or something to muse upon, I recommend you ask for a reading! She's also offering one-card readings from other decks, if you'd prefer. They are free, with tips requested:
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Goals for 2011

My first, primary and most important goal for 2011 is to be happy. To make progress on me, and my mental state, to prioritize my various commitments and balance my life between business and creative energy and family and self. Balance is important, and I feel like I spun my wheels an awful lot in 2010 because I didn't have that.

(My 2010 review is here)

I do have some more specific goals, however they fit into the big picture:

  • I want to revise my novel and turn it into a cohesive complete draft. At this stage, I consider it version 0.5 - I'd like to get it to version 2, and start the hunt for an agent to represent it.
  • I want to continue to write plot-moving-forward stories for Torn World, though if I don't manage 52(!!) this year, I won't consider it a dead loss. Maybe say 20? That's still a lot of stories, and very attainable.
  • I do want a piece of artwork a month again, at least, so 12. Selling a few of them would be icing on my cake.
  • Revamp the EMG webpage to feature the work that's staying, add donation and funding pages, cut the dead weight and re-tool the contact, FAQ and such to catch up with the new improved gameplan. Better karma and credits integration. Maintain regular newsletters and updates, advertise and word-of-mouth more steadily.
  • Expand my programming freelancing. The definition of 'expand' is flexible, but I want to carry my financial weight.
  • Publish the Arabian Nights coloring book, start collecting for the next one (dragons, maybe?).

    May 2011 be bright and filled with love for all of us.
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    January Goals

    I dropped my habit of monthly goals in 2010, and I missed them. They tend to keep me focused and productive, and while I clearly accomplished a lot last year, it wasn't all forward progress.

    Here's what I want to do in January:

    • Get the following webpage improvements done:

      • Fix all FAQ and contact links
      • Streamline coloring book submission and kill all the outdated FAS stuff.
      • Make coloring books and anthologies available again.
      • User preferences and links and adding old work at Sketch Fest.
      • Strong start on database for language at Torn World.
      • Fix patrons showing in galleries.
      • prints page on TB site
      • Buy Amazon account for a month so I can add my available inventory to the Great Evil Overlord.
      • One notable piece of artwork.
      • Three stories. - 1 down, but also 1 poem.
      • Finish my wordgifts.
      • Launch EMG-Zine fundraising Feb 1
      • Finish Commission-Control fundraising OR nix the project.
      • Finish the Visit
      • Edits on Crazy
      • Wintersketch - finish
      • 10 sketches at Sketch Fest(s) - 6 down
      • Inventory dump
      • Rediscover my studio
      • Taxes
      • Get caught up on credits and karma - getting there...

      Events for January:

    • Sketch Fest: January 7-8
    • Muse Fusion: January 11
    • Sketch Fest: January 28-29

      And for today, I need to get EMG-zine ready to go for tomorrow (almost done!) and watch a movie with my sweetie. I am bummed that my ankle hurts too much today to go skating with my nephews.