December 13th, 2010


Today, on the chopping block: Calendars

I've been doing at least one calendar a year since 2006, and most years, I'd do three calendars: one for Ursula, one as a group project, and one for a featured fantasy artist.

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So, this is another easy, easy choice: no more calendars this way. I did enjoy making the calendars, and they're another item that's easy to ship with priority flat rate. But I'm not doing the invest-in-boxes thing anymore. If I do them again, it will be by pre-order, only, and I won't even bother laying out the files until I reach a certain minimum of paid commitment.

If this ever happens - and that's an IF - it won't be immediately. Consider this one shelved.
Are You Sure?


Another chilly day in Fairbanks. We've got some snow (1/2" and still falling), and it's about -15. (Hey, it's warmed up!) It should be back down to -25 the next few days. (For those of you on the C scale, that's -26 right now and -31 coming up.)

I am feeling marginally more together today - less full of grief and more interested in getting stuff done. I have some story ideas again, and feel like my brain could follow some programming logic again. Which is good, because I'm working on some paid work today.

My ankle is closer to healed - it only twinges when I use it wrong, now, and it looks like a perfectly normal ankle again (unless you look at the other one and realize that it should be knobbier to match). I plan to go to the gym this afternoon, and have an appointment in town afterwards.

Tasks for the day: one print, one other (mostly tea) order, some coding, and some running around. I also need to update the clearance page.

I have a new story up at Torn World - you can read and comment there or here: Collapse )