December 2nd, 2010

cat in hat

Thursdaily with reminders...

Sketch Fest is tomorrow! I best get cracking on those webpage improvements!

EMG-Zine's call for artwork for the January 'Creation' issue is extended a few days, because we've gotten only one entry - let's dig into those harddrives, folks - I know you've got artwork that can fit this theme. Think pregnancy, or making art, or writing, or building something. *prodprodprod* ETA: With link!

It is eight hundred degrees below outside my house, but it is eight hundred degrees above inside my house, thanks to a cheerful fire, and the cat has melted into a happy black puddle of ears and paws. I'm going to make a cup of cocoa and code for a while, then tackle the next item on the chopping block. I haven't decided yet whether it will be Fantastic Portfolios, or Torn World. I think the former, first.

Stay warm!