November 17th, 2010


Today, on the chopping block: EMG-Zine anthologies

Although this topic is tied up together with EMG-Zine, it's a rather separate endeavor, and has very distinct pluses, minuses, problems and solutions.

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I have to admit, I am baffled by this one, as well as understandably crushed. I poured a lot of my time and passion into these books. My return? Thousands of dollars in tied-up capital, frustration and bafflement. It has caused a personal cascade failure of self-doubt and discouragement.

On the plus side? This is a very easy decision that does not require any further thought or action: the line of anthologies is hereby canceled. There will be no volume 4!

*dusts off hands*

That one was easy, at least, if not painless.

TSA - new security opinion

You've probably noticed the dearth of politics and general OMG-DRAMA in this blog. That's about half deliberate choice to keep my opinions to myself, and half a lack of investment in the current OMG-DRAMA issues that happen.

This new TSA security? DO NOT WANT.

Either option is invasive, x-rays are not something you should be casually exposed to in any doses, and are cumulative, making them a bad idea for people who travel regularly... like my husband. If I had children, I would stop travelling with them immediately, because neither option is something I consider safe for them. And if they decide your scan is blurred, they can squeeze you anyway.

This feels like a dangerous step towards a loss of personal dignity and safety. I disagree with their reasons, and I disagree with their implementation. It says to me, more clearly than anything else I've seen, that we have already lost our war with the 'terrorists,' and if we don't do something about it, we're going to go down an inevitable spiral into an actual police state.

I do not want this.

Enough so that I am considering taking a 50% hit on the vacation I had planned for next month. Enough so that I am actually blogging about it.

Some more links: <- Dave Barry gets groped after a blurry scan <- an excellent resource of alternatives