October 21st, 2010



Today, the Internet disappoints me.

Rather than sitting idly by and letting it get under my skin (or worse, provoke me to passionate response), I am working on my big painting and cranking up the tunes and staying the hell away.

I... may actually be finished with this piece??

This is a tease, because there are SO many little details in this piece, but I am not going to scan it (8 parts, at least) until I'm sure it's finished. I shall overnight on it, and think thinky thoughts and make sure I haven't forgotten anything. (Like her shadow, which I didn't realize was missing until just today...).

This is a tremendous piece for me, on a number of levels. It is very rewarding to realize that I'm actually going to FINISH it, and like it when it's done, neither of which I was honestly sure about until... well, today, really. Maybe yesterday.

Tomorrow (if it's still really finished!) I shall scan it and let you eyeball the details and make prints available. I may do a very small limited edition of full size prints on some gorgeous hannemuhle photo rag 308.

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