October 20th, 2010


Latest List of Things To Be Done

Forward dating this so I can find it easily...

By end of August:

Add to Fantasy Art Shop: shopping filter
Fix PA bug
Beetle art
Art Trade
Contest story (2)
Contest art (2)

By end of September:

write After Homecoming (switch to Tolnam's POV)
Write Meetings
Write journey
Finish painting Journey
Sketch Fest site improvements: artists pages and uploading polish
Have dance routine down

By end of October:

Unauthorized Project - to release in January????

By end of November:

ellen with wrench

Wednesdaily with Clearance

I took stock of what I have left in the connex box, and updated this page: http://fantasyartshop.com/clearance.php

Everything I have left - excluding coloring books, anthologies and oracle decks - is listed there and priced to move. I want nothing left by the end of the year, and will be dropping these prices weekly until it is ALL gone. You Ursula fans will note that there is some tea left... but not very much!!

Still need to wrap up Sketch Fest and plan the next improvements!

And catch up on email!

And paint!

My computer continues to impress me with its glossy new self, running at a very shiny speed and handling all its new software like a champ. Filezilla is lovely, and Chrome is still impressing me. Both printers are now installed, and, as another bonus for this ordeal, I got the most recent printer driver for my Epson, and it is even cooler than the old one, with working ink monitoring!

(As a side-note, I got the virus the day after reading the online free version of Little Brother. I doubt I GOT the virus from it, but the heavy-handed irony if I did is pretty hilarious...)

Painting now...