October 5th, 2010



Business as Usual:

Don't forget to spread the word about the newest anthology:

<a href=http://www.fantasyartshop.com/emggroup.php?id=46><img src=http://hotlink.ellenmilliongraphics.com/2008anthologygif1.gif></a>

A new article is up at Torn World: Musical Instruments of Torn World. Many thanks to mizkit for judging our latest contest - the story posted yesterday was an honorable mention, and Deirdre's Reed Trees and Wind Chimes won the instrument design, while her prayer bells illustration won the art portion. Stay tuned for the writing results, tomorrow!

And of course, enjoy the October issue of EMG-Zine!

Still stewing about the conlang program... to be frank, I'm not sure the interest is there to crowdfund it the way I proposed. Doing it the 'selfish way' and hard-coding it specifically for Torn World would be about 7 times easier, and be done a lot sooner. That's probably the direction I will go.

Art and Authoring

Have a Halloween-y sketch. I'm sure this is at least partly inspired by Selina's recent big skirts trend!

Home and Health and Stuff

Staying upbeat is becoming a serious struggle. The darkness is starting to return, but more than that, some business-y stuff has been happening that is seriously, really, horribly depressing. Like, 'give up everything and go work at McDonalds' depressing. A less stubborn individual would have given up long ago. I have been investing serious mental energy in staying positive, remembering the nice things, focusing on rewards, thanking the people who are helping and encouraging me, and generally coping. It's mostly working, if I keep busy and don't think about things too hard.

So, back to work!