September 28th, 2010

enough time


A very, very busy day today, so you get the bullet list instead of a real entry:

  • Meeting with a client this morning to go over a new integration to his website. Should be a very, very fun project - I'm looking forward to it.

  • Made some subtle new improvements at Torn World - including a more prominent link to the 'start here' page. Also uploaded another coloring book page, for supporters only!

  • Started a Facebook page for EMG:!/pages/Ellen-Million-Graphics/150242701678979?ref=mf

  • Do not love Facebook yet, but can appreciate its networking potential. Same with Twitter.

  • Meeting with the concrete contractor tonight. Concrete! Basement! Excited!

  • Anthology was shipped on time, which means, if everything went perfectly right, it might be waiting for me at the Post Office RIGHT NOW. Or it could get here in three weeks. Media mail is like that.

  • Sweeping new ideas for Commission-control. LOVE that this project is moving again.

  • Did not do my situps yesterday, bad Ellen!

  • Must dry hair, eat some food, and drive to first meeting now!
  • fairysquash

    Blatant advertising campaign!

    First, the girly squealing! My books are in, and they look gorgeous. SUPER gorgeous. Shiny and magnificently gorgeous.

    I keep giggling and going: "I MADE THIS."

    You'd think by my fourth book I'd be over this, but I'm so not.

    Now then!

    I have boxes of SHINY and GORGEOUS books here, and I want them out in the wild so I have an excuse to make volume 4.

    Special offer

    If you're willing to help me spread the word about these shiny, gorgeous books, I want to pay it back to you. If you blog, tweet or whatever verb facebooking is about the anthology, I will take $1 off your book order, up to $4 per book. Save up to $12 on a set of all three volumes simply by telling other people how awesome you already (hopefully!) think these books are. (Plus, the free shipping still applies if you order all three, so you end up saving almost $30!)

    Boring details

    You may post about the new anthology at facebook, twitter, livejournal, dreamwidth, your own site, a forum you frequent, or anywhere clever that you can think of. To redeem your credit, simply send me a link to the place(s) you told people about it. No one has to click for your credit to count, you just have to let them know.

    You must include an actual link. You can link to here: or here, for bundles of the anthologies with 'zine subscriptions:

    You can use the text here: or, better yet, come up with your own! Authors include: Melissa Acker, Elizabeth Barrette, Janet Chui, Amy Edwards, Selina Fenech, Melissa Findley, Ellen Million and Ursula Vernon, with poetry by Marina Bonomi, Michelle M. Mead and Erin Metcalf.

    You must say enough about the anthology that they know what you're advertising.

    BAD: Yo, check out this thing.
    GOOD: A shiny anthology of business and technique articles that artists on my list should check out! #fantasyart

    Please observe good posting technique and don't spam or post your advertisement where it doesn't belong. One post per week per venue is all that I will count, so don't flood your twitter with 12 posts in 12 minutes! It won't count and will make us both look bad.

    If you've already helped spread the word, let me know - this offer is retroactive. :)


    Request any size and I will make you a pretty banner! You may also use the following banners, which are available for hotlinking in their current location! Just copy the text below them to use them in a livejournal post. (Images don't work at Facebook or Twitter, alas.)

    <a href=><img src=></a>

    <a href=><img src=></a>

    Not planning to order?

    I'd still appreciate a signal boost... and think about who might like this as a gift for the upcoming holiday season! I don't generally like to be dire about things, but pre-orders of this volume were very dire, and volume 4 is not a viable option unless I see more sales. I would be very sad to see this line of anthologies die here.

    And while we're advertising...

    Vote for Torn World at! (I have a pretty new banner loaded, but banners don't show up unless you're in the top 15. Six votes will get me there!)