September 27th, 2010


Mondaily with busy

Business As Usual:

Slowly catching up on emails, but today is mostly coding. As is tomorrow, I think! I've got a graphics site to work on, and a veterinarian site, plus Commission-control, which continues to pull together nicely.

I am very anxious to see the finished copies of the Anthology. I have not received a confirmation email that it's shipped yet, though it was supposed to on the 16th. I am going to drop them an email and see if it happened without notice. *gnaws nails*

Art and Authoring

I've added a few more fiddly ink bits to the Piece that Won't End, and hope to have more time on it tonight. I've got stories for Torn World polished and in the queue, with plans to substitute some characters in an old, old story. I owe art and stories for RTH, and reeeeallly need to knuckle down on those. The end of the month is breathing down the back of my neck!

Home and health

This cold has turned out to be the lingery kind - I still sound really rough and have coughing, even though I'm otherwise completely recovered. Dislike!

We worked on the basement this weekend, and finally got it completely ready for concrete. We're having the space inspected and getting an estimate tomorrow afternoon, and may even have a slab poured This Week!!! I'm terribly excited. We may end up staying a night or two in a hotel while it cures, we'll have to see!

Having a basement slab would mean many wonderful things about getting the tool box and several storage units out of our living space. The laundry and freezer may even have a place to live that isn't our kitchen! All kinds of exciting.

That's my life!