August 30th, 2010

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Colors of the Elements

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This is the first of several stories and pieces of artwork (including glasswork! *squee!*) following this event. Be sure to watch the site for more! Also, I have started uploading some of my work at Torn World as downloadable coloring book pages - free for supporters!

The Musical Instruments contest closes tomorrow night - I've decided on the next theme and will post it in the next few days.
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Oh, holy hell. I had a whole entry nicely written and formatted, clicked the wrong button, came back, and when LJ asked if I wanted to restore, it restored the LAST entry I posted. BAD LJ. NO COOKIE.

Business as Usual

Wednesday is the last day to submit 'Bard' themed work for EMG-Zine! We're very, very low on artwork for this one, especially, though we'll have some very nice features for you. I know you've got artwork of people playing musical instruments, please consider submitting them!

New work is going up at Torn World! I posted my recent story to my journal - feel free to comment here or at the site.*

The new backend at Torn World is in place and going smoothly so far. The nicest thing about it that it allows contributors to watch their pieces in real-time... they know it's safely there, what the status is, and can see all the comments immediately (those comments the canon board WISHES to share, that is). Changes can be made, and are tracked, and the canon board can even future vote if they know they will approve something once their comments are addressed. It's a sweet, sweet system. (She says humbly.)

Next Sketch Fest: 17-18 September!

Next Muse Fusion: 21 September! (Equinox!)

I am very low on Steam Dreaming coloring books in stock! I have re-ordered, but will not have them on hand until early October. Ursula's 2010 calendar is marked down to $5, as is Rachel Anderson's! Older calendars are also at $5, but if you ask nicely, I'll throw one in free with any order over $10. Note that I'm nearly out of Pathfinders Decks.

Proofs for the anthology should be in my hand this week! Eek! And yay!

Is that all my business news? I thought I had more...

Art and Authoring

I have ordered TWELVE new micron pigma 005 pens. I will probably use them all up on the piece I'm working on now. For ME and no one else.

I have stories in mind, too - I have one that was twiddling along until I realized it was written from the wrong POV. Here's this character I've been trying to make sympathetic (and failing), when all I had to do was show this story that's already well-plotted out through their eyes! Bingo! I smell a re-write in my near future.

But first, I have to finish ONE more story before the end of day tomorrow.

Other Slaving

Two websites to finish at the start of this week, and a big drafting project for the end of the week, and a rather major future web project in the not-so-distant works. Negotiating some logo work, too.

Busy Ellen is busy.

*But please do comment, because while I have a healthy self esteem generally, resounding silences make me feel like a terrible hack and like I should give up writing and burn my keyboard. And that would be messy and the cat hates the smoke detector noise. THINK OF THE KITTENS!