August 24th, 2010

happy bubble fairy

Intuous 3 Tablet for sale or trade!

Some more details - it's this 6x8 model, barely used. I have both the mouse and the pen (with holder), though the batteries in the mouse are probably nearly dead. None of the original packaging, but I'll ship it well-protected. The cheapest used price on Amazon is $150 + shipping, with prices up to $280 and new starting at $400. I'd like to start by asking $150 to include US shipping, but I'm also open to offers of trade, partial trade or layaway. I will screen comments, and you can make an offer!

Things I'm interested in:

  • Art. Originals, prints, etc. Custom work of my characters would particularly appeal!
  • Jewelry. I like a variety of styles. Not so much on bracelets and rings, but I wear earrings and necklaces. (And I do need belly-dance-style bracelets, actually...)
  • Books. Art books, pretty children's books, graphic novels and the like. I particularly love limited edition sketchbooks and rare things direct from artists or writers.
  • DVDs. There are a few I'd like to own, including Avatar, the Last Airbender (the cartoon), and the Iron Man movies.
  • Food. Shipping is always somewhat problematic, but if you happened to have, say, a mango tree in your backyard and you wanted to priority mail me a few boxes of mangos, I'd go for that. I really like fruits, vegetables, gourmet brownies and other healthy things.