August 20th, 2010


Fridaily with commercial plug!

EEK. I just realized I have four pieces of artwork and two stories due at the end of the month. Best get cracking on those...

Shipping a print order today, and spent some time going over finance-y things. I'm a smidge low on where I wanted to be by this time of year. Surgery did not help that, but the more worrisome bit was the freelance source that promised regular work (and keeps 'threatening' these big projects) and hasn't delivered. This month so far, I've gotten 2 hours out of 'em. That doesn't pay the bills or fill the retirement.


If you know anyone looking for quality programming, graphic design, editing, layout, or AutoCAD drafting, I should be finished with everything on my plate by early next week, and would love to discuss new jobs!

You are also invited to donate to the Sketch Fest webpage, if you'd like to see me spend more time on that - or purchase some of my artwork!

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You may commission me to write a Torn World piece! It will be public, with you listed as a patron, and will cost you $10 per 500 words. I write flash-fiction up to about 2500 words, any topic you desire, from childlike and charming to seriously blush-worthy adult material, featuring characters or issues you are interested in. You may send an outline, or give me a vague idea and set me loose. (Choose your word length by adding increments of 500 words to your cart. If I go over, it's at no extra charge.) Buy 500 words

(If you'd like to commission a non-Torn World story, I'm open to the idea, but it may cost you more, depending on the setting and amount of familiarity I have with it...)

(No art commissions right now, sorry! Let me finish my current list of commitments...)

< /scaly, scaly capitalism >

For lunch? Homemade leftover bacon blue-cheeseburger! And a root beer. :)

And, in other very happy news, my inbox is down to 31!!! They are 31 emails that require actual thinking to answer, but still, big progress!