August 16th, 2010

big damn wrench


Good morning, loyal readers! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

I have started some pretty massive cleaning projects this morning - already I have found the surface of my desk! Horrah! And the Roomba is on it's merry way - I am considering painting the floor today, since the husband will be out tonight and it's a rare traffic-free time. The poor dog might have to sleep outside tonight. Laundry, now, and then I have a database project to do, and much mailing. Hope! I need your mailing address! Or verify that the one I have is good! N and T, your art goes out today, sorry for the delay!

Muse Fusion is tomorrow! If you enjoyed Sketch Fest, consider bringing a prompt or two by for a Torn World specific creative jam. I plan to do writing - I can feel the stories bubbling up inside, and I think it's been since the LAST Muse Fusion that I was able to do any writing.

And, a link to coolest crowdfunded project I have seen yet:

Dear Self in the Future

Dear Self in the Future,

This is you from last night. This morning, you will be wondering what it was you thought of that you needed to do today. This is a reminder that you need to fix that adoption bug at PA! Pronto!

Also, that tomorrow is Muse Fusion, which despite your posted reminders, you forgot until just now, and might have slept through if the self a few minutes from now doesn't remember to set the alarm clock.

Wait... I've confused myself. This self. It remains to be seen if the next self is also confused. Or just asleep.

*falls over*

(On the plus side, a very, very accomplished day. Floor is painted, studio cleaned, packages packed, laundry done, edits edited, and emails significantly weeded.)