August 12th, 2010



This morning, so far, I have ironed and made Jake's lunch, and now I am wandering around wanting more coffee and wondering why my email is being so stinking slow. And also, why are there still 294 emails to deal with. Shouldn't all this stuff be taking care of itself?? (I can dream...)

I did get logins at Sketch Fest functioning. But it doesn't prevent someone from using a registered name, yet. Or allow registration. Or build artist pages... So, still some to do before tomorrow... (Sketch Fest! Tomorrow!)

I found a whole bunch of awesome photos from when we were building our house. Some of them are a little small, but there's still a lot of story there. Would anyone be interested in a building re-cap, going from design, through construction, living with construction, plumbing, electrical - everything that goes into a house? There are a lot of funny stories that are spread out over 8-odd years of building in this blog, and several that I only mentioned briefly or never posted pictures here for. I figure I could also intersperse how-tos and how-not-tos, adding illustrations where I didn't have photos. It would be Alaska-specific, talking about insulation and vapor barrier and stuff that may not apply to you lower-48ers, and would have a certain amount of the engineering and technical background I haven't dragged down LJ with. I'd probably set this up at an independent blog - maybe wordpress? - but mirror it back here. I could post once a week without breaking a sweat - it's stuff I like to talk about anyway. Any interest here?

Back to work!