August 11th, 2010



I don't hate the anthology today! So, I've got a quote request in to my printer and should be able to upload the files today or tomorrow.

I am tackling my inbox today - how did I get 350 emails behind? *cowers* I am so, so sorry for the multitudes of delays, you guys.

I've also got to get cracking on registration at the sketchfest site... *plots* (Sketch Fest this weekend! Yay!)

I've also got some coloring books and blank ACEOs to ship - I'm about 1/3 sold out of Steam Dreaming now, and about 1/3 of those are spoken for locally, so I wouldn't delay - it usually takes 6 weeks to restock! (Steam Dreaming Coloring book)

I'm in unfortunately wretched pain today. I had a migraine last night, which has ebbed away to just about nothing, but always leaves a bit of a 'residue.' And dancing in the cold rain the day after a very long, physically demanding 3-day weekend of work may not have been the best plan - I've got a serious set of aches and muscle pains from neck to toes.

Still, a fun performance, and... it was a bit nostalgic to realize: that might be the last time I go to the fair. Without the requirement of vending there, there's not an awful lot to see and do... I'm not into crowds and buying things, for the most part, and it's sort of an expensive random visit. It was odd, walking out as the vendors were shutting down - thinking about the hundreds of times I'd done just that as one of them. There's a certain quality of light, late like that when we're first getting an actual night again, and a specific 'dying energy' feeling to the closing fair. I expected to feel a little worse about things than I did - no tears, no grief. Mostly relief, and a curious peace. No regrets. I thought I would have some, really, but when I went poking around inside for them, I didn't find any.

I do find it odd that I don't feel any less busy, even without the fair... *eyes self skeptically* Best get some things off my to-do list!