August 10th, 2010

ellen with wrench


  • Performing again tonight. More ho-hum about it than last time. By a lot.

  • Coding madwoman today, and finishing the anthology - got final word on those last high-res files, so nothing (but me!) is holding me back now...

  • EMG-Zine is currently collecting work for the theme of 'bards.' The deadline is September 1! Guidelines have been updated!

    All for now... *zooms*
  • thud

    Can it be? Is it so??

    The anthology is DONE!

    I am going to sleep on it, and send it to the printer tomorrow.

    Collapse )

    (The gorgeous artwork is, of course, by Michele-Lee Phelan!)

    Provided I like it tomorrow, I should have a proof in a few weeks, and stock will be in... oh, 6 weeks after that? (Slow mail to Alaska is SLOW.)

    I plan to immediately tackle the 2009 anthology - I am made of suck for taking this long on the 2008, and I don't want to forget everything I learned this time around...