August 9th, 2010

big damn wrench

Mondaily with tired fingers

My fingers are so tired they are a little trembly. But our basement is radon-proofed! Horrah! We're going to have a concrete slab poured, still, but the barrier is down, meticulously sealed to the footer, and fastened into place with 2x4s around the perimeter. It was six tubes of Tremco, most of which I put down myself with one of the giant-sized caulk guns. My hands are not only tired (and my squeezy muscles screaming in pain), they are also pretty pink and fresh-looking, because the only way to remove Tremco from ones hands is to mechanically scrub it off. Gas, alcohol, the usual dissolving agents? Won't touch this stuff. Just say goodbye to your outer dermal layer and have at with a scrubby. It also stays sticky forever. Any by sticky, I mean OHGODOHGODIT'SEATINGME sticky. It makes superglue look like Elmer's. It also makes these uber-sticky strings that will stretch for several feet of OHGODOHGODIT'SEVERYWHERE if you aren't careful.

They don't call it "black death" for nothin'.

Now we have to evacuate the air in the basement and re-test for radon. I created a black plastic door, hung with staples and duct tape, to seal the basement with a fan hole cut into it, and opened our basement air vents. Actually, because I couldn't find any screen or mesh, I just poked holes in the duct tape sealing them, because I wasn't willing to risk inviting hornets into our basement. I could feel the air moving out through the holes, and the plastic door billows out, so it's clearly working.

Duct tape. How I love it.

So, that was my weekend, and most of my Monday. I want to see if I can finish the anthology now; the redlines I found to make in the last pass were getting slimmer and more and more picky, so I think I'm getting to that end point.

My email's being testy, so apologies if I don't get right back to you. I'm hoping they kick the server soon.

Oh! Friday performance went well! I saw footage of it, and did not wince at myself too many times (My Gawazie (sp?) shimmy is WAY too swoopy) and you can hardly tell that one time I nearly ran over Jill. No, I will not link you to it. Thank you for your reassurances and support - I went onstage thinking 'they'll still love me on the Internet if I screw up!'

No more typing now. Ouches.