August 5th, 2010


Thursdaily with nerves

The above piece is a bit of mystery art I've done for Torn World. It is filed in the non-canon gallery until there is a person attached to it. Is this your person? (The non-canon gallery is only available if you are logged in. Registration is free!)

(And if you're enjoying Torn World, you can vote for it at Top Web Fiction!)

In related news, our next Muse Fusion is scheduled for Tuesday, August 17th! We will be writing and arting to your prompts.

Too long to wait? The next Sketch Fest is scheduled for Friday-Saturday, August 13-14th! Join artists from all around the world for a 24 hour sketch-a-thon! You can see last month's results here:

My inbox is a disaster right now...

Many thanks to you guys for weighing in on the 'god/God help you' question! I will be going with a capital G. I figure it's like... if his name was Fred, we'd say Fred help you, or Oh, Fred! Even if we weren't followers of Fred, we wouldn't change it to fred help you, or fred, no.

I got serious inroads made on the anthology yesterday - I see now why I hadn't finished it yet: there's a lot of work here. But I MAY be able to finish it today. Yes, indeed. I WILL. I'm missing five images, still, but should get them by the time I've finished the last of the line edits and layout. I have, at least, leveled up in InDesign again...

And, there is a new coloring book in the works! The theme is Arabian Nights: bellydancers, genies, flying carpets, camels... The deadline is the end of the year. HOWEVER, to incentivate you guys to get your work in earlier rather than later, if I get enough work before that deadline, I will close the project early and send it to the presses. It'd be great to get it out in time for Christmas! I will give two weeks warning when I start to see enough work, at the artist mailing list:

Contact me if you don't already have permissions to submit. :)

Anthology, here I come!