August 3rd, 2010



  • I'm quite certain this stage won't look like as much work as it was, because I erased that STUPID butterfly, sheaf of wheat and sun FIVE times. *whines* I thought art was supposed to be eeeeaaaaasy.

  • If I didn't have a performance this weekend, I'd probably skip class - I'm sooo tired. I'm debating life drawing right now. Tuesdays get busy.

  • More work is going up at the Fantasy Art Shop. I'm trying to get several things up every day. If you'd like to volunteer for link verification duty, it does earn you karma!

  • Paid off the last of my surgery bills today, horrah! Also, accidentally mopped the floor. The load of laundry wasn't so accidental.

  • Finished judging the science entries for the fair yesterday, then went out to eat with sister and nephews and from there, to see the Cats and Dogs movie. It was worth it for the awesome Bond-spoof opening. The storyline was a little Disney-twee, but I'm easily entertained and love me some Bond movie riffs (Kitty Galore? Paws? Oh, lord...).

  • I might require coffee...