August 2nd, 2010



Tours have been added at Torn World!

Right now, there's only a very, very random test tour, but hopefully readers will start putting together their own. :) Stories, poetry, artwork and setting articles can all be added to tours, and you can wander away in the middle of a tour without losing your place. It's pretty spiffy, and I'm enormously pleased with myself. It's got editing limitations, right now, but I have some ideas for overcoming that, too...

Here's a page from life drawing last Tuesday:

Clearly, I take it far too seriously... >.>

Be sure to check out the new issue of EMG-Zine, and the Fantasy Art Shop is gradually filling up, and now linked publicly!

I spent most of Sunday judging science exhibits at the fair, and my sister had to keep reminding me: they're little kids! You can't crush them!

Seriously - a 7th or 8th grader turned their HOMEWORK in hoping to get a ribbon. Not a big project homework assignment, either. They had xeroxed the procedure and taped it to a lined paper page, then written their answers below. One page. Their grade was marked on the top. The sad part was that they were the only entrant in that class and lot, so we had to give it a ribbon. Urgh!

Almost as funny was the project that cited only 'my mom says honey kills germs' and compared the mold growth between honey and corn syrup. Only one sample, and there was a dark spot on the sample of corn syrup that 'my mom says was mold.' And concludes that corn syrup is evil and corporations use it too much and honey kills mold. My sister wouldn't let me write 'Quit listening to your loony mother' in the comments. Darn it.

Another individual turned in a... lovely collection of homework. Just their homework assignments in chronological order. No explanations. No presentation, other than the binder it was in. Just a compilation of their homework for the school year in science.

Kids these days!!

I go back and do that some more this afternoon! First, gym, then judging, then movie, then collapse.