July 27th, 2010



Busy morning, conquering various bits of code, fixing a very odd database blip and catching up on Torn World things. Nothing to post today (at Torn World). *chews on knuckles* I've got two stories in the queue that haven't even been viewed after a week+! Must find more incentives for the canon board... I did get a new article on the snow-unicorns themselves written up (complete with milking technique and training), and opened some discussion about commenting options.

I must be virtuous and draft after lunch and Farscape. Then look for more ways to make money coding. I do coding! Hire me to fix stuff! (It's much more fun than drafting...)

Now, food.

Sketchy sketch is sketchy...

A sketch, since I had nothing post earlier today. It's super rough, but I like the idea. I may use this composition on a larger bristol page - the detailing on the desk looks like fun. What interesting things can I hide in piles of paperwork?? What would be found on Bai's desk? Ressa's pose should be more dynamic, too. Don't mind the random erased bits - I had to erase notes from the margins that are big story spoilers. :P