July 13th, 2010


Tuesdaily, rough day even before 10 AM.

I am an emotional wreck right now.

It is smoky as pea soup in the valley, but wet and humid, so it's like walking through a damp ashtray. This doesn't help the lingering tail of my head cold, and I woke with a pounding headache.

Posting the alert about the security breach is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, and it's not getting easier, the way I'd hoped. How do you admit something like that? I didn't even want to admit it to myself. Most of me wanted to just yank my entire site offline and retreat. I still want to retreat. Somewhere, beneath my skin, is an isolated place where I don't have to deal with disappointing people. Maybe I can breath there.

(On the plus side, no one has gotten upset about it, except on my behalf. Several cases of 'oh, that's how my email/iTunes/Amazon/Wow got hacked!' but no blame. I got an email from an individual asking to have their account deleted, but when I couldn't find one for them, it turned out they were an artist at Fantastic Portfolios who hadn't passed and they wanted their artist account deleted.)

Dropped Jake off at work this morning, and went to the Post Office to discover that my PO Box has been closed.


Yeah. Between surgeries and being out of town, and being hacked and , I forgot about that bill and never got a second reminder. (It's a minor miracle I've gotten all the other bills paid on time.) I am leaving to go BACK into town now that they are open and see if I can get it re-opened. Wish me luck. The alternative could be a disaster.

ETA: *sigh of relief* Paid my $15 idiot fee and got my box re-opened, AND all of the packages that were waiting for me. Feel much better, though breathing is not particularly easier at this point (the Willow Creek fire went from 2000 acres to 3000 acres in the last day or so due to wind, blech). I'm going to have a snack and code on the Sketch Fest site for a bit to relax...
big damn wrench

Sketch Fest beta testing...

I am going to have a snack and fall into bed here, but I have finished the framework of the Sketch Fest site, and am ready to beta test it. I will be jumping in tomorrow morning, and if you'd like to poke at buttons and try to break things and be in awe at the sheer ugliness (I was going for function, not frills), let me know. I'll be on AIM (ellenmillion) or you can ping me here.