June 29th, 2010

ellen with wrench

End of the month madness...

Today I must:

  • Finish FAS submissions (SO CLOSE)
  • Get EMG-Zine content lined up.
  • Start artists listing their FAS work.
  • Dance class - remember payment.

    Tomorrow I must:

  • Fix submission bugs that will inevitably show themselves.
  • Finish customer end FAS (SO CLOSE)
  • Finish EMG-Zine
  • Finish H/BS picture
  • Pay bills

    Thursday I must:

  • Unveil the sparkly new FAS!!!
  • Publish EMG-Zine (okay, verify that it did so automatically...)

    Painted yesterday morning, but can't show it to you yet... running off for a massage now, and still need to do 70 million things. Velcro apparently thinks my lap has not been available enough lately...