May 31st, 2010

big damn wrench

A few brief points of business

~A new issue of EMG-Zine is going up tomorrow, and our project wonderful ad spaces are at $0 right now! A good opportunity to take advantage of the 'new issue' rush at these unusually low prices. :)

~Tomorrow is the last day to submit work in the theme of familiars:

~EMG Forum was hacked and is being upgraded, with new security.

~How did I get so behind on *everything?!* If you're waiting on me for something, please nudge. I'm playing catch up now, and my brain seems to be taking a brief vacation - I keep finding things that I thought I'd done that... I hadn't. It makes me wonder what I've missed!

(no subject)

I think they might have done a partial lobotomy on me while they were removing my gall bladder.

My brain is just not responding like it usually does. Maybe I'm turning into a zombie?

Getting the last of the next issue of EMG-Zine worked on right now.

I about killed myself inking a piece I'd promised before the end of the month - sacrificed two pens to the cause. Impatient to show it off, but it will have to wait! On the upside, I should have the one I finished a while back ready to post with its story sooooon. I also have progress on the big painting, and a photo post to put together.

Oh look, I'm procrastinating on EMG-Zine again. Bad, Ellen! Back to work...