May 19th, 2010

ellen with wrench

Wednesdaily Brief

Business as Usual

I've had to concentrate on catching up on for-money work, rather than EMG, but I get little bits done as I can. One of my jobs is being stubborn and frustrating me.

Art and Authoring

I've been able to write about a paragraph a day, which isn't much, but is still something. I hope to paint this afternoon for an hour or so.

Home and healthy stuff

Radon update: Still irradiating self. The plan right now is to empty the basement (urgh!), find temporary, protected storage for all of the stuff down there (uuuuurgh!), construct some underfloor piping, seal the basement floor, and re-test. Pouring a concrete floor is possibly required. It would certainly make some things easier. It would also cost a lot and be a pain.

Woke up with neck pain for the second day in a row, but pain pills keep it at bay.

By the sounds of things, we've got great horned owls nesting in earshot. Haven't spotted them yet.