May 18th, 2010


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Today? Not so hot.

I dropped Jake off at work, got my tires changed, and went shopping. The shopping at least, went well - shopping early on a weekday morning beats the PANTS off of trying to shop after work or on weekends.

But, I think I'm getting a sty in my eye - every few blinks I get considerable pain, since waking up this morning, and I haven't found or flushed out anything, even after copious tears at times.

And, we have radon*.

The general danger level, according to the EPA, is 4. We have 6.7 on our living levels and 34 in our basement.

The post I put together in my head the first time had copious swearing in this space.

The fix is expensive, and potentially a serious pain in the ass.

All this radiation and STILL no super powers.

*A common form of radiation that comes out of bedrock in many areas. Causes cancer. Nasty stuff.