May 12th, 2010


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I hath tweeted:

  • 11:19 OMG! Done with steampunk coloring book - uploading to the printer now. FINALLY. #
  • 14:51 Pollen + stomach incisions = NOT FUN. I feel like I've been doing non-stop situps for the last several hours. #
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ellen with wrench

Muse Fusion, open now!

It's Muse Fusion day!

Please (please!) stop by and leave me prompts - I am wrestling with several things right now, none of them good, and I need a good creative distraction:

My personal goal today is 5 stories, but I may substitute a sketch in there.

I am also accepting donations for my efforts:

Things are honestly pretty tight following my surgery, and I haven't been able to get or do much work since then. Credits through Torn World, or subscriptions are equally welcome, and if you'd like to boost the signal, that would be much appreciated! You may use this banner:

You may hotlink to it there using this code: <a href=""><img src=></a>

Most of all, prompts and comments will keep us going! :) Please join in!

Muse Fusion #4 roundup

By the Clock, 900 words, features Birka and Jerumal, and is future-dated for probable release next January at our current rate. :P It is available for sponsorship for $10 at this link. It was prompted by valdary.

Spilled is 1650 words, about Areluu and her age-set's last test. It includes Lenaroth. It is available for sponsorship for $15 at this link. It was prompted by tonithegreat.

If not sponsored, these two will be available for supporters-only when published.

Prompts from ysabethwordmith and wyld_dandelyon led to: The Reluctant Rescue, 1000 words, which revisits Meiffolv (from Repairman). This one will be this Muse Fusion's freebie.

And I started on Dorje and the Festival of Combs on the prompt of xjenavivex, but ran face-first into a migraine instead. It has been successfully dampened (horrah!), but I still feel pretty wiped out, and my ability to form complete sentences has been temporarily .

General donations are also appreciated! Thank you for making this possible!