May 4th, 2010


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I hath tweeted:

  • 16:52 There is something very freeing about deleting huge swaths of code, bunches of files, Gigs of data and starting over with clean, neat code. #

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Tuesdaily with rage...

Business as Usual

Hey, have you guys been clicking on my Torn World links and getting some spammy site? If so, please let me know how far back this goes. It seems to be limited to the livejournal site with links out to tornworld only - the EMG-Zine and PA links seem functional, but all Torn World links, on personal or community journals OR in comments, go to a wretched search page. I've got a support ticket in to LJ, but color me a VERY unhappy camper about this. If you've used Torn World links from my journal posts and gotten either the search site OR Torn World, please, PLEASE let me know which one you saw and when it was. I want to know how long this has been going on.

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More coding today, though I'm about to take a break to do some drafting. So many things left to do that it's a little overwhelming. My biggest problem right now is choosing what to tackle next. So many CHOICES, all of them somewhat urgent.

Art and Authoring

Still in creative limbo. I'm okay with that.

Home and Health

A shower pretty much wiped me out - I am in no way up to steam again, though I continue to improve every day. I can walk pretty normally again, stretch a little and bend over, though lifting is a big challenge, and I'm still fairly weak. I'm taking it easy and wildly grateful for my comfy new chair.

We got a new blind for the big upstairs window, and I quite like it. It's bamboo, and makes the area by the stairs look exotic. Very pretty.

All for now - drafting, then more coding. Then more coding. And some more.
happy bubble fairy


Oh! In my rage over the LJ-hijacking of my Torn World links, I forgot to make a very critical announcement:

I ate a hamburger last night.

It was delicious and wonderful and MEATY and fabulous.

And nothing bad happened afterward.