April 28th, 2010


My Trip to the Hospital

They printed 42 patient labels for me when I checked in for pre-op. These got stuck to paperwork, my wrist-band, my medicine, my photos - anything related to me got stickered. They offered me vallium; I declined it, because I was... sort of having fun, and feeling excited about the procedure. I'm glad I did, because I met everyone. The two anesthetic experts, Frank and Frank, were very funny and entertaining, Amanda, an operating room assistant, Nicole, who, it turns out I taught in Science Camp fifteen years ago. "I'm not much taller than I was when I was seven," she laughed.

("You're rather tall" was something of a theme for the visit. I'm slight, and my torso is short, so I look very average when sitting or lying in bed, but when I stood up, I got several surprised comments. I'm not that tall, it's just surprising.)

I talked to Dr Lieberman, and got my IV put in and strapped to my hand with medical tape.

Then, I got to go through the 'Absolutely No Admittance' doors, which was very cool indeed.

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