April 9th, 2010


CT scan

A CT scan isn't so bad - really, the worst part is having to drink two freaking liters of contrast fluid beforehand. Room-temperature contrast fluid, no less. BLECH. (I like ice-water. The colder, the better.)

It's a little funky when they give you the injection and you get the hot flash (and it feels for a moment like you're peeing yourself), but really, pretty painless. The technician was very nice, and while I don't know the results yet*, there was nothing so major that they flung up their hands and sent me to the hospital, at least. I apparently have 'good veins' and 'thin blood.' (Which both seem to be good things.)

The CT scan, as far as I understand, is what they would generally do after the HIDA scan came back negative (because we expect it to, given the history in my family) to eliminate other possible causes of my problem. Though everyone - technician, nurse, insurance claims handler, random person off the street - to whom I describe my symptoms nods sagely and says 'gallbladder, then.' So, this is just to speed things up after the HIDA scan so we can do the surgery immediately and the doctor doesn't get sued for not exploring possible options (or the insurance won't go for it, etc.).

Anyway, still doing fine. Still no fats. Still miss bacon.

*Ah! Results in! My intestine looks "slightly irritated", and there is a small cyst in my liver. We're waiting on HIDA scan results before we move forward. (Liver problems can apparently be caused by gallbladder problems. Lovely!)