April 6th, 2010



Today, I'm making massive changes to the Lilypad... it already looks VERY different, if you log in. (Er, or even if you don't, actually!)

I've mastered (I hope) the knack of connecting to a different database mid-stream, which is a little tricky, but very, very useful in my world-conquering plans.

In slightly less boring news, I did another load of laundry today. Oh wait, did I say LESS boring??

I got nothing.
ellen with wrench

Healthy things...

OMG! I've been nominated to the Distinguished Professionals Online! The Vice-President himself wrote to me to let me know that my candidacy was formally approved! He was so impressed by my [insert generic qualifications]! All I have to do is verify all of my personal information and agree to a credit check!

In real news, I figured I'd update you guys on my health.

I'm doing great. No symptoms. No pain. Plenty of energy, lots of appetite. Never been better.

Except that I can't eat any fats at all. Not a few, no sneaking a peanut, no eggs, no cheese, not 'low-fat,' only 'non-fat,' with a little zero in the nutrition table.

Thank GOD for hot salsa and fat-free sour cream. It makes just about anything interesting enough to eat. I desperately miss certain foods... bacon, cheese, olives, any snack food. Rice cakes are already getting old. The fat-free things like cottage cheese and milk and cheese all taste vaguely like plastic.

Despite going back to mandatory snacks and regular small meals, I'm still losing weight. This would be awesome... if I had any extra to lose. I'm super concerned that I'm going to end up sugar-sensitive again and need to watch my sugar intake, too. Right now, sugar is the only thing keeping any weight on me.

Medical background, for those folks I've forgotten to update... it's a gallbladder problem. My mother dealt with this for years, with the same zero-tolerance level for any fats. She - like me, so far - tested negative for all the usual indicators, so it went undiagnosed for 10 years or so, until the gallbladder came out in emergency surgery. "Should have had this out years ago," they told her. She can eat fat again, now!

The doctor agrees that it's 99% sure it's my gallbladder. I get a HIDA scan next Thursday at some horrible hour in the morning. He's promised me that I won't have to go through what my mother went through, and I'm already in much better shape because I recognized the symptoms and didn't have to play the 'what's making me sick' game. I'm seriously feeling great, if rather hungry most of the time... and desperately, desperately craving potato chips and buttery popcorn.

My friends and family have been awesome to me, though this. Jake is experimenting with a hundred interesting ways to make chicken breast and halibut, and he's spent hours at the store reading labels to find things I can eat. (I can eat prawns!) He doesn't eat fragrant foods that I can't unless I'm going to be out of the house. My gaming buddies have made concessions for my intolerance of most of our usual high-fat gaming fare, and Jeffrey even found me fat-free (calorie-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, not sure what's actually IN it and don't want to know) chocolate dip. Jennie's bringing vegetables to costuming night. Mom's sending me recipes. Your comments when I complained last week made me want to hug you all.

So really? Not as bad as it could be. They'll probably yank out my gallbladder with a simple out-patient surgery, no matter what the results of the test are. It's apparently a very optional organ, and it turns out I know a lot of people who know a lot of people living very full lives without theirs.

And someday... some beautiful, beautiful day... I'll be able to eat bacon again.