March 22nd, 2010



New poetry up at Torn World, by Valerie and Elizabeth! Plus, a bucket of new characters for adoption - most of them are bit characters, which are available for further development.

My driveway is un-drivable. The contractor who fixed it last year won't do residential driveways anymore - waiting on a call from another contractor now, and expecting an email of work-related files shortly.

ETA: LO! We will be getting hardpack removed tomorrow morning! Horrah!! VERY nice guy. Very pleased.

Okay, need to do some drafting today once I get my files, some coding on Wendy's site, and work on taxes. Urgh. Stupid taxes.

Now? Breakfast.

Wonderful things...

OMG! Amy made a knitted snow-unicorn!! *squeals of glee!* Look at those wonderful knobby knees and dangly legs. I love-love-love it.

Julsey! I got your package! Norway keeps trying to steal the marvelous wee toys from the cat and walks around the house looking guilty until we tell him to drop it. Velcro loves them, too, and has left snails and hearts strewn around the house tempting the poor dog. The music is awesome, and I'm enjoying it enormously. The one I've listened to is like listening to a Pandora station I've got set up - new stuff, with a few familiars, but highly listenable. :)

Amy! (The other Amy) I got your package and have received several compliments on my hip scarf in class! Love it, love the earrings, love the stickers! I DID send you payment for the shipping, right? Right?

And a few reminders - There is a Sketch Fest this Friday!

The theme for May for EMG-Zine is dragons. I know you guys have dragon art and stories. Go submit them!

Marked down coloring books!

The Clearance Page has been updated with a pile of roughed up coloring books. These are still in great shape, but they just aren't quite perfect enough for me to sell unseen, so you win! All of them are a lucky 13% off, very limited stock.

(No, sorry, no copies of Fishbowl Fantasies. But you can buy it on Amazon, new, for $61.99!! I recommend waiting until I have it in stock again for $7.50, however...)