March 8th, 2010



I'm whittling away at my list:

~Finish linking EMG-Zine to the newly merged database.
~Post Mere's paperdolls
~Unpack car
~Fill orders (6?) - somehow has turned into 14 of them...
~Invoice JO for prints
~Add article submission link to sidebar at TW
~Drafting, 7 hours
~Dance meeting with Liz and Jennie to decide on music ~5

~Weed email inbox - getting there... under 100 for the first time in weeks.
~Finish licensing article for TW
~Edits for ALLB
~Post at PA forums
~Review a few more entries at FP, make sure new critics don't have questions
~Email to freelance job thing
~Post City of Lights part 2 at Webpage and remember to include illustration.

I have new stories!

City of Lights, complete with cover art (image is link!):

I also had a supporter's only story go up on Friday: Not Fair (subscriptions start at $5!)

I have a few more stories lined up to work on (all somewhere between outline and just needs edits):

Cause and Defect (sequel to Cure or Cause?) (already sponsored)
City of Lights 3 (major plot things)
Meetings (even more major plot things)
Just a Yiirk Bite (already sponsored)
Paper Butterflies 2 - waiting for character input

I'd like to get all of these polished up before next week's Muse Fusion on Tuesday. (March 16, mark you calendar!)

In for review:

The Repairman
A Lot Like Breathing

And, you can vote for your favorite Torn World work from February! - we'll be doing voting a little differently in future months, because - wow! Look at all those great options. One vote is hard!

There's an hour or so left before bed... what else can I cross off?