February 22nd, 2010


Mondaily with stuff.

Business as usual

Waiting to hear input back on a brainstorm that may dictate much of my near-future direction. *gnaws nails*

My regular job is going away, but I should still have plenty of contract work with the company... hopefully half the hours, twice the pay, for a net no-change possible. But the uncertainly is a lot more, and the bennies (what there were) go away. It's all very amicable, and I have some good hopes that it's working out for the best.

Need to work on taxes and on commission-control most of all. Erm... 2 print orders, then those things.

Art and authoring

I sent in my blurb for my First Friday show for the Newsminer this morning. "Whimsical fantasy art with a dash of Alaska." Catchy?

I have a new story up at Torn World - very short, almost-poetry piece.

I also have a part in a new story up at River Twine. (If you can't spot my scene, I'll be very, very surprised.)

Other stuff

Tired. *dies now* Still more work.