February 19th, 2010


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I hath tweeted:

  • 12:26 Stupid Internet has been off and on and OFF and on and off and on all morning... #
  • 19:50 I like to write contracts while I do taxes. Not that I like either, exactly, but the latter keeps my mind on the money end of the former. #
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big damn wrench

Fridaily productive

Business as Usual

I've got a quote in for printing the EMG-Zine anthology - need to make some decisions about which pages will be in color. There are a few articles that don't *require* it, but would be better with it... so the next step is finding out how badly it screws me to make them color. The difference is 14 pages of color - that might be pretty significant.

Orders are invoiced, Torn World is caught up on for the day, I scanned some artwork, I got 4 more articles proofread for the anthology, and I've got some more materials compiled for taxes. I have three orders to put together (relatively easy ones!), and I'm waiting on payment for 2 prints services and files for one of them. I've also updated the clearance page at the giftshop and have removed stationery from the site.

I'm getting ready to tackle a big freelance project that is rather large and scary but has so much freaking potential it's threatening to overwhelm me. I'm excited, and feel like this is a test of my newly honed skills. Wish me luck!

First, scooping of the catbox and lunch. Which, believe me, are unrelated, and there will be hand-washing between.