December 17th, 2009


First sentences Mememe

January: Our theme for February is humor, and the deadline is today!

February: Fighting a virus on my primary computer. Very snarly about it. *SQUASH!!*

March: Goddammit. My glasses broke AGAIN.

April: I'm feeling a little crazed!

May: DUDE! I'm going to Dragon*Con! And I got first class tickets!! For $35 roundtrip!!

June: Earthquake #9 was another sound without fury variety.

July: I'm taking a page from lots of people and starting to organize my posts and make them daily. It's mostly for me, being as I have a to-do list that is scrolling off my screen, and if I can't stay focused, there will be crying and floggings.

August: Having a bit of a tough time in general, and, now that I've got a buyer for ALL of my blank shirts, I'm tempted to yank them off the webpage altogether. Right Now.

September: Printing price tags for the show now, and collecting up the last of the hardware, office supplies and display stuff. My personal stuff is packed. I wanted to have more made for this show, but Things Happened, including the printer running out of ink, and a slight mental breakdown.

October: I'm having a ranty kind of morning. Rargh.

November: Jennie and Liz and I went to the Hot Springs for Halloween. (subject: I fixed me.)

December: Had a lovely, lovely trip, am not technically back until Monday, but still have averted a few crisis and answered a precious few emails. After deleting spam, still have some 300 to get through...
big damn wrench


Monday is the darkest day of the year, and I can't figure out how it could be any darker than today. It's straight-up noon right now, and a blue, blue haze of dimness is over everything. There might be sun, somewhere at the horizon, above the snow clouds. Maybe. I'm beginning to think that the sun is a lie. Just a fiction we tell ourselves to get through the night.

I'm not that crazy yet. Just getting there.

Work is making me work today. But I got to work-not-work yesterday and do artwork:

My brain is making me do more work on the Torn World site. It will be worth it, I keep telling myself. It will be AWESOME and perfect.

(If not, I may cry.)