December 9th, 2009

big damn wrench


Business as usual

Orders are spooling off the printer and stacking up by the door now - I am on-call for work today! Woo!

I have also started a new mailing list just for ACEO/art card stuff and deleted the drawings-only list. (Haven't done a drawing in... how long??)

Finishing Mere's coloring book edits, and I made some teeny progress on the EMG-Zine anthology already, too.

Most astonishing of all, my inbox is down to 15. 15!! I do not think I have been down to 15 in more than a year and a half. Maybe longer. There were some OLD OLD messages in there. *shame*

Doing some planning over at Torn World. I will oh-so-subtly warn you now that there will be extra perks for folks who join before January. In case you've been sort of thinking about it.

Art and Authoring

Here! Some art!

Home and Health

Studio is still in in-between phases, but improving. I may spend a while today sorting art supplies.


My list is outrageous. You don't want to know.


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