December 8th, 2009


Tuesdaily - new community!

Business as Usual

I woke up with a host of brilliant ideas, but most of them vanished with the memory of dreams. Some of them stuck. I have created a community for EMG news:

I will be customizing it and making a feed for the main page of EMG. If you are a member of EMG, please visit the forums for more information (and to see where you come in)! I will need a few volunteers from our lovely audience!

Proof for the paper dolls book is in (but needs a few tweaks)! Steampunk coloring book is just pages from being done! (Still time to get art in, but time is running out!)

Art and Authoring

I've made more massive holes in my studio in further art prep. Does that count for anything? No? Rats.

Home and Health

Jake made me baked salmon and baked potatoes for dinner last night, with Bearnaise sauce. MMMM. Then I cleared out my studio more. Envelopes got the axe this time. I will do the drawing for paper shortly!


I have some Torn World admin to work on, some various EMG stuff to do, four orders to fill, a day of work, and an evening of more studio clearing.

OMG! Cannot wait! Browncoats movie!