November 23rd, 2009



Business as Usual

2009 may go down in my log book as 'the year of the purge.' Next up on the chopping block: Fantastic Portfolios

I am not entirely sure what happened here... the core group I recruited was wildly enthusiastic... for about 6 months. People were gung-ho about submitting to it... and never did. I feel like this is currently dead weight that I'm dragging forward on my own, having to nag and nag and remind about.

Is anyone still interested in it? I think the concept is gold - where else can you get FREE, thorough, detailed and private critique? It's HARD getting (or giving!) public critique - so much of what you say is colored by who you're saying it to and who else is seeing it. (I'm sure most of us have stories about getting bitten by trying to give helpful critique by a totally uninvolved third party who didn't understand the concept of critique and thought they were riding to the rescue...) I've tried to be really responsive about how the critiques and submissions are handled, but... maybe there's just not much interest in the concept. I've sure loved what I get from it myself (scroll down for results!), but I'm not enough of an audience all by my lonesome and I'm not enough of a workforce.

IF you are interested, would you be interested in critiquing? Or submitting? If we go forward, we are need to refresh the critics pool, and I'd need some fresh blood to make that happen...

In other news, orders are piling up by my door to go out, but I am at work right now.

Art and Authoring

I had to scan this piece today to hand over the original. That's a good thing - I've found seven more things I want to do to it, and would NEVER be done. (Much of this, note, is due to the great advice from the Fantastic Portfolios critics!)

Home and health

This weekend (and so far, this week) has been made of frustration. Finishing the stairwell? They were out of tongue and groove, no stairwell for us. So, we got a new showerhead... and the wrong attachment. ARGH. Lunch with Catie? Squashed. Sunday plans? Was in at work*.


Work. Orders. Packing. Cleaning. Do not plan to stop moving until I board the plane Wednesday morning.

*Another rant, but not a public one...