November 11th, 2009


Wednesdaily Off

Business as Usual

Did no business, to speak of.

Art and Authoring

Part 1 of City of Lights is finished! The cover is further finalized! The map comes along smashingly! Sketch complete for a steampunk piece!

Home and Health

It snowed today. Snowed and snowed. It was warm, almost 20, so we went for a long walk with the dog and came back all snowy. I also cleaned out my hair/jewelry/makeup drawers (4 of them! I had FOUR drawers worth!), which was a fairly momentous task.

Last night I made crunchy coconut bars. Due to my inability to read the temperature on the oven, they turned out a little... funny. I will try them again, though - they are very easy and taste like they could be good.

I woke with a headache, but immediately pinpointed it to muscle strain in my neck and tackled it with stretching, rubbing, advil and coffee. The walk cleared the last of it away. I seem to be pulling out of my general funk, though I am still being very careful with myself. We're getting to the dark and cold times of year, and that can add interesting wrinkles to the battles to stay sane.


Bed soon. Have to go to work tomorrow.