October 14th, 2009

ellen with wrench


Business as Usual

I worked on cleaning up my studio a little after work yesterday, but didn't turn on my computer or work on orders at all.

Art and Authoring

I did work on art! However, it's all in NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). :P

Home and Health

Yesterday's batch of truffles was not nearly as successful and easy as the first. I went for a traditional truffle, with the soft center and hard exterior, and it was a messy disaster. Even after spending overnight in the freezer, the center simply disintegrated when you dipped it in melted chocolate. So, I've got a bunch of very 'Dali' looking melted truffle blobs, instead of the firm, pretty truffles of the cookie dough variety. They taste better than they look (and they look considerably better this morning than they did after my discouragement last night), but I'm not sure I'll attempt this one again. Maybe mid-winter, when I can put the cores outside to freeze to 40 below before dipping in chocolate.


I watched all but an episode of Avatar last night (weeeeak! I am weeeeaak!), so I have one left for tonight. I can't expect the next disc before tomorrow at the absolute earliest. Probably Friday.


One of my favorite explanations of light. It's aimed at helping artist understand how to use light in their artwork and has a selection of very illustrative photos showing each concept.