October 12th, 2009



Business as Usual

Orders are packed up in the car. Not all of them, but a chunk. I must remember to pick up more flat rate priority envelopes - I am completely out. I think I used my last express envelope, too.

I worked on some advertising campaigns this weekend - I am giving facebook ads a trial spin; we'll see how they go! and working with project wonderful a bit.

(I have reactivated the EMG-Zine ads with more coverage (ie: current articles, not just archive) and they are currently available for $0 if you want to bid on them!)

Art and Authoring

Not an arty weekend. I did write, some, and work on the outline of stories for Torn World. I've snipped a few things out, but the rest is coming together nicely. Wrote some more on City of Lights. Nothing to share, sorry!

Home and Health

I bought ingredients for more truffles - a different variety this time! I will post progress.

I brought my cookie dough truffles to a wedding on Sunday and they were gone in no time. Next time, two batches!


Workout tonight, some orders, the usual.


The Personal Logs of Moirah "Minor" Sutherland is an on-going flash science fiction serial. Highly entertaining and easy to jump into.