October 1st, 2009


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I hath tweeted:

  • 10:55 I'm having a ranty kind of morning. Rargh. #
  • 22:40 Close, but not close enough. Tomorrow's issue of EMG-Zine will go up without the article. I should be able to get it up by noon. #
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Business as Usual

The new issue of EMG-Zine is up! It contains an article I finished in one day and hated last night but didn't hate enough not to post this morning.

Few more minor, minor fixes at various sites.

Art and Authoring

Besides the non-fiction in the new EMG-Zine, no creative work yesterday. But I have this leftover from the weekend!

Despite the fact the filename says final, I don't think it really is. I'm just not sure I love it enough to put the hours more it needs to BE finished. I can't decide. (Feel free to weigh in - move on? Or finish up?)

Home and Health

Ahem. I apologize most humbly for my ranty mcpants post yesterday. The end of the month always stresses me out and I think it's pretty common for folks to feel a lot like their creative efforts are going into a big black hole when feedback is slim. I should be more grateful for the support I get, and I've got a few ideas on streamlining some of the tasks I'm doing now but could delegate.

Also, my siding got finished! I'm amazed and agog! They said 'by the end of September,' and they really, really meant the bitter end!


I want to get new EMG-Zine themes up asap. And work on Mere's paperdolls and the anthology. Then I've got a logo to design, and some orders to fill. That may or may not all happen today, as I also have a full day of work. yay.