September 29th, 2009



Business as Usual

Fixed a minor bug at the site that's hardly worth mentioning. (But I feel obligated to because I didn't do much else last night...)

EMG-Zine needs material for November! Our theme is 'Moon' and we're looking for artwork, fiction, poetry and non-fiction. The deadline is October 1.

Art and Authoring

Black fur in watercolor is HARD. This has several layers left to do. Will she make it by Sept 30? Stay tuned to find out!

Home and Health

(Siding still not finished)

I upped my weights at the gym again yesterday. I'm doing almost 4 times what I started at, and my cardio time is twice what it was when we started. I'm finding I'm not winded as much when hiking. My basketball game has not improved at all, alas.


Painting dark fur in watercolor! Argh! Working today, of course. I have two orders on my desk to work on, and two more all packed up to mail when I get home. And I've got an article to write for EMG-Zine in the next 2 days. Still mulling over the questions you posed: (and it's not too late to get one in!)


I'm not really a webcomic reader... I'm lukewarm on most of them plot- and art-wise, and I haven't got the patience to read one page every week... or month... or year, as most of these projects seem to end up. But Pheonix Requiem blows me out of the water. It's gorgeous, and while I haven't read it all yet, the story so far is fascinating.