September 28th, 2009

ellen with wrench


Business as Usual

Caught up on orders, horrah!! The back seat of my car is stuffed with toppled stacks of boxes and tubes and fat envelopes. I just need to stop by the post office on my way home tonight.

We're getting towards the end of the month, which will be the deadline for "Moon"-themed artwork and fiction for EMG-Zine. This is an easy theme, I bet you've got some work for it. :)

I made a dent in my email backlog this weekend, too. I hope to whittle it away more this week.

Art and Authoring

It was a good, arty weekend. Here's my current WIP on "Go Around":

I'm insanely pleased with how the lighting is coming out, and I love this technique for moving a sketch to hotpress - it's so fast! Sketching is horrible on hot-press paper - I erase and revise too much to keep the surface nice, and I end up with spotty bits where my hand oil repels the watercolors and everything ends up blotchy and uneven. With this, I could do up to final inks in my trusted sketchbook, then scan, size for a letter-sized piece (I have to trim the hotpress), print the inkwork on hotpress paper out of my laser printer, and... it works like a dream. Like I'm doing watercolor over the original inks, but with none of the paper wear. It's also easier to scan now that it's letter-sized and will fit flat on my scanner. Win, all around.

I've got another piece to post, too, but will save that for tomorrow, as I'm not seeing arttime in my future tonight.

Home and Health

This period of weather is always frustrating. It's hovering right around freezing, with the remnants of wet snow all over everything and is SO slippery. I passed two cars in ditches this morning on my way to work, one of them completely upside down.

Yesterday, I went out with my sister for her birthday (a little early, but next weekend looks booked already...) to Wolf run for desserts, and we picked up bales of straw in North Pole for our respective dogs.

(Siding still not finished...)


Tonight is workout night, and there will be a delicious dinner, and we might work on getting the stairs up for the front porch. I see an episode of Leverage in my future, as well.


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ellen with wrench

Because I am unstoppable.

Quick! I need an article in the next two day; I've used up my buffer!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ask me a question. Or a few questions, if you want. I'll pick one I've got enough experience to answer in article-length depth and see how well I can write to deadline juggling this much stuff.

(Obviously, I'm looking for an art or writing or business related question - but questions on other topics may be answered... depends on my muse.)

I'm happy to credit and link to you, if I use your question.