September 22nd, 2009

big damn wrench


Business as Usual

A number of new portraits (and several new artists!) up at Portrait Adoption!

All calendars, excluding 2010, are buy one, get one free! No limit!

Rearranged the Torn World forums a tad.

Fixed the redirect for the forum from Fantastic Portfolios.

The spam-stopping steps I've taken at all of my forums seem to have worked wonders. I've cautiously made Torn World user-activated accounts. We'll see if it keeps them out!

Art and Authoring

(Will only be available for logged in PA customers until tomorrow.)

Home and Health

No, Norway, you are not a lapdog:


Orders and coding, they never end.


Fae Forum is a very friendly forum aimed at new fantasy artists. Lots of great business advice and a generally nice place to hang out and show off WIPs and talk shop. I'm not as active as I used to be there, but it's a lovely place.