September 21st, 2009


Mondaily thing

Business as Usual

Some headway on orders, horrah!

Various minor bits and bobs get coded on sporadically here and there, but I'm hardpressed to actually report what any of them are at the moment.

As mentioned in my last post, the results of the last Torn World contest are up!

Art and Authoring

I worked on this sketch this weekend, as well as a portrait that I'm not posting yet, because it may be a Torn World character, and it may not be, in which case, it is destined for Portrait Adoption.

These would be the poorest areas of Torn World, and the most crowded. As inner city as they get. (waaaaaaay outside of my comfort zone as subjects go. Look at all those [mostly] straight lines and there's not any flowing hair or pretty girls!)

Home and health

The barest, barest slim traces of my cough still linger, but I'm back to able to sleep through the night on one pillow without cold drugs, so I'm not worried.

I love the new porch, and would have sat out on it if the chair outside had not been wet and spidery.



Get Norway a dog house before the snow flies. Which... might be tonight?!
Orders as always.
More coding on the credits end of Torn World, and the print services end of things.
And of course, the dayjob grind.