September 1st, 2009

ellen with wrench


Business As Usual

Printing price tags for the show now, and collecting up the last of the hardware, office supplies and display stuff. My personal stuff is packed.

I wanted to have more made for this show, but Things Happened, including the printer running out of ink, and a slight mental breakdown.

Art and Authoring

Have a crappy phone photo of the Roses piece. I won't have a chance to scan until the end of the month when the show comes down. I will try to take better pictures AT the show, but no promises. The lighting sucks, sorry!

You can compare to the 'finished' version from before. More drama, yes?

Home and Health

Sucking down the airborne and EmergenC. Apparently, there's Swine Flu at Jake's work. Greeeeaaaat. Paid bills this morning.


Finish printing and laminating price tags, print magnets and bookmarks for the soap that I already mailed, send some checks, order some fish, pay land taxes, laminate and cut out tags for the show and finish hanging it tonight, pick up a prescription, and finish packing. Not necessarily in that order. Oh GOD I will be glad when this day is over.

(no subject)

I am packed.

I have lists and forms and tickets, all printed and clipped to a board in my backback (which also contains my purse, my sketchbook, hostess gifts, and fuzzy, bright green ears).

I am exhausted and excited and scared.

If I meet you at Dragon*Con and stare blankly, even though we know each other well on the Internet, please have patience with my tired, jet-lagged brain and know that it is not a reflection of my fondness of you, only of my inability to put faces with names with usernames. I am SO excited to meet you guys.

And scared.*

And exhausted.

Sleep now. The computer gets shut off for the next ten days. I'll have my e-phone and some connectivity, but really limited access to my files.

Be well.

*I'm not as cool as I sound in my blog.