August 24th, 2009


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I hath tweeted:

  • 16:31 Five giant boxes packed for D*C. One more to do, will require the heatpress and some more mental power than I have right now... #

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Business as Usual

Printing prints like a... printing thing.

Five very dense boxes piled by the door to ship to D*C. I'll have one more to put together tonight.

After a massive nostalgia fit, I managed to throw out a pile of card seconds that weren't worth shipping to Dragon*Con.

Art and authoring

Some more progress on my mermaid piece, but you can probably hardly tell at this stage...

Health and home

Being careful with the juice and sleep and exercise.

House still pretty. They have a little more work to do, but I'm a-feared that the backordered box of siding that was due in last Thursday didn't make it, because they haven't shown up yet today.

ETA: Oh, here they come!


I keep telling myself I'll have a life again after dragon*Con. Really and truly.

Today I have to: go to work in 1/2 hour. Go to the PO to mail the big flat rate boxes. Print prints (two major orders). Heat press stuff (the last-last-LAST two dozen purses and handbags, two shirts and some tote bags). Work on the postcard/banner design. Ship four orders.

Before D*C I have to: Order postcards and banner. (In time for arrival at show!!) Finish mermaid piece. Mat work for gallery show, make description tags and hang show. Get paperwork on my desk caught up. Catch up on emails. Make more stickers, magnets and bookmarks. Pack and inventory checked bag with prints for D*C. Make print sample book. Make signs for prices (to include taxes). Ship fish to my hosts. Decide winners of first Torn World contest and post prizes. Keep up on orders.